Join Us For Our Professional Spring Cleanse

We are offering a supported professional spring cleanse to help you navigate the world of cleansing. Cleanses are everywhere these days, and trying to choose one can be daunting. Based on Chinese medicine, spring is the best time of year to do a cleanse, with early autumn being the second best time of year. Spring is the season of the liver, where the energy of the season supports the natural detoxification process of the liver, and thus gives you the best cleanse experience. 

We are offering two start dates this year: 

The first wave starts March 21th. 
The second wave starts April 4th. 

(There is a reason we are starting the cleanses on a Wednesday, keep reading to find out why. However, you don't have to stick rigidly to these dates, but our emails will go out to you as if you started on one of these dates). 

Total cost of cleanse: including supplements, meal planning, guidance. $215.00

Save 20% off the cost of the cleanse by signing up between March 1st and March 16th.

To sign up: call or email our office today. 509-520-7993,  or frontdesk@thompsonacupuncture.org


What it is: 
This 21 day cleanse uses both food and supplements to help your liver process any toxins (such as food preservatives, air and water pollutants, trans fats, food colorings, etc) that may have been stored in the body. Often if we are exposed to more than our liver can handle in a day, our body will be forced to store some of these until a later date. This backlog leads to systemic inflammation that can worsen seasonal allergies, cause general stuffiness, foggy-headed thinking, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, temporary indigestion, joint discomfort, low libido, poor skin, and strong food cravings. Doing an annual cleanse or semi-annual cleanse will allow your body to eliminate this backlog of toxins and metabolic waste, leaving you feeling lighter, more energized, often with brighter skin, better sleep, improved mood and libido, less pain, and better digestion. Some of the above symptoms can be caused by other conditions, and are worth mentioning to your practitioner if they don't improve after the cleanse. 

What is included?  

  • We will provide 2 sample 21 day meal plans complete with recipes that you can choose to eat from to support the detoxification of your liver. Or use them to create your own meal plans. 
  • We will send out weekly email support, and if everyone likes, we can create a private FB group so that participants can communicate with each other about how they are feeling, what recipes they prefer, etc. 
  • Program includes all supplements from Standard Process, and an option to download the Standard Process Cleanse app to further help with daily support, and get supplement reminders. Standard Process supplements are 100% real food, and only sold to licensed health care providers. Quality is high and reliable. 

What you can expect: 

People tend to lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds on the cleanse, and at the end of the cleanse, people tend to feel more energy, sleep better, have better digestion, improved mental clarity, and in general feel less stuffy. The cleanse decreases overall inflammation in the body, so nagging joint pains also tends to reduce. 

Week 1: Prepares your liver to process any residual toxins. Patients typically have a bile dump on day 4-5. On those days you may feel achy in your body, foggy-headed, and have a headache. If you feel this, it typically resolves in 1-2 days. Some individuals do feel flu-like for a handful of days, and this indicates a higher backlog of toxins in your system. We recommend starting the cleanse on a Wednesday, so strongest of these days fall on the weekend or close to it. 

Weeks 2 and 3: Continue to support the natural processes of detoxification in your body by supporting the liver, lymphatic system, small and large intestines, and your kidneys. People tend to have more energy during these weeks, and the cleanse is overall easier. We will address more specifics of what to expect these weeks, and how to modify the cleanse if needed to address any symptoms that pop up. 

Reintroducing foods: You have the option to work directly with your practitioner at the end of your cleanse to test for food sensitivities. If you would like to test for food sensitivities, tell your practitioner or schedule an appointment, to plan how you will reintroduce foods that are commonly known to cause food sensitivities. Your practitioner will walk you through how to reintroduce them, and what signs to look for should you show symptoms of a food sensitivity. 

People who should not do the cleanse: 
Not everyone should cleanse. Here are a list of things that would indicate it is not proper time to do a cleanse: 

  • Anyone who is recovering from the flu, and still depleted (it takes energy for your body to cleanse). Or anyone who is in general depleted from getting sick frequently over the winter. You may want to work with your acupuncturists to build your immunity back up before considering a cleanse. 
  • Anyone with recent gastric bypass surgery. 
  • Anyone that struggles to have a daily bowel movement most of the week. (This is worth mentioning to your practitioner if you haven't already as acupuncture can do wonders at helping to regulate your bowels). 
  • Pregnant women should not do a cleanse while pregnant nor during breastfeeding. 
  • Feel free to email us at frontdestk@thompsonacupuncture.org if you have questions and/or are ready to sign up for the cleanse. Here's to your health this spring!