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Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Earth is the element associated with late summer. In nature it is when crops begin to transform into food, when the seasons begin to change. It provides abundance and nourishment. Earth is all about balance; it is the center of our body and nature and it provides stability. The color associated with earth is yellow and its corresponding emotion is worry or patience. In the body, its function relates to the abdomen, our metabolism and fertility. It is also associated with the spleen and our digestive system. Earth represents the direction Center, Mother Earth, and is symbolized by the yellow dragon.

The modalities listed here are associated with earth because they nourish our body so we can function in a more balanced way.



Chinese herbal medicine, like food, nourishes the body in order to treat many different conditions. Herbs support the various systems in the body so they can work more optimally to produce qi and blood, release endorphins, and optimize digestion. Customized formulas can be used to treat things like constipation or diarrhea, pain, menopause symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, fertility, fatigue, and more.


Formulas are individually customized according to each person’s constitution and diagnosis in order to provide the best support. Pharmaceutical medications and conditions are taken into consideration when formulating an herbal treatment plan.


According to Chinese medicine, every food has properties that can be classified according to how they affect the body. Foods can be warm or cold in nature; some foods tonify qi, while others tonify more blood or yin.


Each flavor influences a different system in the body and the way we cook our food also influences the properties of the food. Using guidance according to TCM nutrition, we can use our food as medicine to support our healthcare goals.


General diet guidelines along with personalized meal plans can be provided to help you integrate a TCM diet into your lifestyle. 

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