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What is Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine?

There are many conditions that can benefit from the use of East Asian medicine such as acute and chronic pain, stress management, mental health, menstrual health, fertility, and gastrointestinal disorders. East Asian medicine offers an individual approach for many health concerns. Instead of treating a person as a condition, these healing techniques look at the body as a whole and treats the root imbalance in order to treat many different symptoms at the same time. Due to this practice, East Asian medicine can often tackle complex conditions, as well as treat temporary illnesses such as the common cold, and provides an excellent compliment to your Western medical care. 


Our body contains a network of meridians, which are the pathways where qi and blood flow. Qi is considered our vital source of energy. If it becomes stagnant, is in excess, or deficient then pain and illness occurs. Additional ailments can arise when blood, yin, and yang pathologies become involved.

East Asian medicine balances the flow of qi and blood by stimulating acupuncture points, which are located along the meridians. There are over 350 acupuncture points throughout the body and each point influences the body in a specific way. Acupuncture meridians have both superficial and deep internal pathways, connecting multiple organ systems, which allows a wide variety of conditions to be treated at the same time. According to Chinese medicine, our qi promotes digestion, moves our blood circulation, influences our immune system, affects our emotions, and helps with cellular regeneration. Therefore, balancing the circulation of our qi can influence the wellbeing of our entire body.


"My acupuncture treatments at Thompson Family Acupuncture are the only treatments that have helped actually relieve my neck and shoulder pain. I have tried chiropractic care, medical massage, and physical therapy. Each of those pieces only helped a small amount and the pain returned quickly. With acupuncture, I really get relief from the pain."




At Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic, we believe in customized care. This means your acupuncture experience may differ from the next person, and your treatments may be different each time you come in. East Asian medicine looks at the whole body and how each system works together in order to treat the root cause of health imbalance. We begin each session with a consultation to review your healthcare goals and check in with how the rest of your body is feeling. This allows us to begin building your treatment plan, but the real magic happens once we take a closer look at what the body itself is asking for. 

There are multiple modalities that can be incorporated into your acupuncture treatment depending on what your body needs. To learn more about the different techniques that may be incorporated into your session, explore the five elements below.

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