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Massage Therapy


Wood is the element associated with spring. In nature it is a time of growth, when life awakens and begins to expand. It provides the capacity to move forward in life. Wood is all about expansion. The color associated with wood is green and its corresponding emotion is frustration. In the body, its function relates to the self-regulating functions of the body (digestion, respiration, circulation, metabolism). It is also associated with the liver, who’s primary function is to circulate qi and blood in order to nourish our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Wood represents the direction East and is symbolized by the azure dragon.

The modalities listed here are different massage therapies we use within the clinic to support the trunk and branches of the body.

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Tui na and therapeutic massage techniques are used to help improve posture, increase flexibility, and increase range of motion.


These techniques are often incorporated into an acupuncture session to also assist with the flow of qi and blood when there is increased stagnation leading to muscle tension. Therapeutic massage is beneficial for a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal pain and tension, injuries, pregnancy support, headaches, and TMJ disorder. 


Craniosacral is a gentle and subtle therapy used to balance mobility throughout the body. The free flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is important for optimal function and nourishment of our nervous system. Disruptions in the flow of our CSF can occur when there are imbalances throughout the structures and mobilities of various bones throughout our body.


Craniosacral therapy works to create balance within the cranium, intraorally, and at the sacral base and diaphragms of the body. It is beneficial for headaches, TMJ disorder, musculoskeletal pain, injuries, and helps to calm the nervous system.

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Similar to craniosacral, visceral synthesis is a gentle and subtle therapy that is used to balance mobility and motility within the abdominal organs.


Our abdominal organs require free movement and flexibility within the abdominal cavity for optimum function. When restrictions occur there can be decreased function, pain, restricted range of motion, and chronic digestive or respiratory conditions.


Visceral synthesis works on a structural, emotional, and energetic level to treat the whole person and is often paired with craniosacral therapy to bring balance to the whole body.


Jaw malalignment is one of the first postural deviations to occur in the body as we develop and age. The temporomanibular joint is an intricate joint that interplays with our upper cervical alignment, posture, and balance. Intraoral massage is commonly used to treat TMJ disorder, but it is also beneficial for headaches, migraines, and neck pain.


It can also help to support good posture and reduce grinding of the teeth. Your acupuncturist will evaluate if intraoral massage is recommended to incorporate into your treatments based on your health history and your needs for that day.

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