Meet The  Practitioners

Our passionate team of acupuncturists and East Asian medicine practitioners will put your health first. Check out our bios to learn about each of us.

Lindsey Thompson


I strive to help patients find their ideal health, whether that includes becoming pain free, having an easy menstrual cycle, or learning to have healthy relationships with food- I love it all. 

I have a master's in acupuncture and East Asian medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR with extra training in the Dr. Shen Pulse Analysis system, an 18 month internship in Five Element Acupuncture, and advanced cupping training from the International Cupping Therapy Association.  

After graduating from OCOM in 2012, I volunteered with the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal to hone my clinical skills at their high volume clinic in rural Nepal.

I specialize in treating pain, sports therapy, women's health, feelings of anxiety, depression, and managing PTSD, insomnia, IBS, acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal conditions. 


Amanda Johnson


As an athlete from an early age, I've been in touch with how my body responds to proper care, or neglect! As a lifelong devotee of living well, I wanted to help others discover ways to optimize their health, as well as share what I'd learned along the way. I explored a brief career as a personal trainer, but something was missing.

I realized Chinese medicine was the answer to my question: how can I dedicate my life to empowering people to achieve and maintain a state of optimum wellness? I spent the next four years getting my master's at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, including a year of treating patients in the clinic with acupuncture, bodywork, and herbal medicine. After graduation, I volunteered for the Acupuncture Relief Project, where I utilized both Eastern and Western modalities and diagnostic tools to treat patients in a rural healthcare clinic in Nepal.

I strongly resonate with the core of this medicine - which is based on the cycles and phenomenons found in the natural world - ones I have observed myself through years of excursions in nature. Here is a medicine that focuses on holistic health, preventative actions, moderate living and food as medicine. From the start, I've been particularly fascinated with the nutritional aspect of Chinese medicine. As a foodie and an athlete, I know the enormous importance of one's dietary choice.

When I'm not in the clinic, I'll surely be somewhere outdoors. I especially enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, tennis, and have a dedicated tai chi practice.

While I have experience treating a variety of conditions, I'm particularly interested in showing you how effective Chinese medicine can be at alleviating your body pain. I believe in implementing lifestyle changes and educating patients so they may be empowered to take charge of their own health for the long term.


Julie Baron


I seek to empower patients. I have a curious mind that is open to learning and deepening my understanding of medicine, individuals, and life. I have been told by many patients that my personal practice and lifestyle choices inspire them in myriad ways.

I received my Master’s Degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and have clocked over 2,000 hours of formal bodywork training. I have a lifetime background in martial arts, yoga and qigong which has deeply informed my understanding of the body. Within this experience, I have had incredible teachers and specialize in treating musculoskeletal ailments, especially pain patterns. 

I am fascinated and awed by the power of herbal formulas to resolve long-standing conditions. In four years of clinical experience, I have seen herbs work especially well for menstrual irregularities, IBS, acid reflux, acne and migraines.