Meet The  Practitioners

Our passionate team of acupuncturists and East Asian medicine practitioners will put your health first. Check out our bios to learn about each of us.


Lindsey Thompson


I strive to help patients find their ideal health, whether that includes becoming pain free, having an easy menstrual cycle, or learning to have healthy relationships with food- I love it all. 

I have a master's in acupuncture and East Asian medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR with extra training in the Dr. Shen Pulse Analysis system, an 18 month internship in Five Element Acupuncture, and advanced cupping training from the International Cupping Therapy Association.  

After graduating from OCOM in 2012, I volunteered with the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal to hone my clinical skills at their high volume clinic in rural Nepal.

I specialize in treating pain, sports therapy, women's health, feelings of anxiety, depression, and managing PTSD, insomnia, IBS, acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal conditions. 


kyle rhodes.jpg

Kyle Rhodes 

In my practice I use Chinese medicine modalities to support the inherent healing power of the body. These include acupuncture, moxibustion, Asian bodywork, cupping, guasha, herbal formulas and medical Qigong exercise. With this powerful medicine we can address acute or chronic health concerns as well as maintain wellness. Our bodies are highly intelligent. You and I will work together to investigate its signals and bring awareness to areas of need, so that you can heal with minimally invasive intervention. 

Hablo español como idioma secundario y sería un placer hablar con usted sobre su condición~

En mi practica, utilizo medicina tradicional de China para apoyar el poder de sanción que tiene su cuerpo. Las terapias que utilizo son acupuntura, moxibustión, masaje, “cupping”,  guasha, yerbas y ejercicios de Qigong. Con esa medicina poderosa podemos tratar condiciones graves o crónicos, también para mantener la salud. Nuestros cuerpos son muy inteligentes. Juntos, investigamos las señales corporales así que podamos darse cuenta a los areas que necesitan ayuda, para sanar con tratamientos holísticos. 


Renee Klorman.jpg

Renee Klorman

is a seasoned acupuncturist of 7 years and has worked with all ages in her practice in Nevada City, CA. She has extensive training in herbal medicine for complex health concerns and loves to make her own topical tinctures for sprains, strains, and tendonitis, as well as internal formulas for her patients. Prior to becoming a licensed acupuncturist, she worked as a massage therapist for a decade. In addition, Renee is certified as Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise Specialist with functional movement expert, Katy Bowman.


Emily Baron.jpg

Emily Baron

first found her passion for Chinese medicine through farming. While growing Chinese herbs on her farm in Napa CA, Emily was learning about the very same natural cycles that Renee was discovering through her Chinese medicine education. After a number of years absorbing Chinese medical theory through her partner Renee, Emily decided to pursue her formal education and become a TCM practitioner. Emily is now working with a team of pioneers who are fostering the development of domestic Chinese medicinal herb cultivation here in the United States. It is exciting to have a practitioner on board working on this much needed project to improve conservation efforts, sustainability, and herbal product quality.